It has been quite some time now since the last update. Just want you to let you know that we are still in the race. I changed my whole team, and with this new team we will achieve what we want. A second season of Strawberry Panic. We now have 475 signs. But we need much much more. So if you can help, spread the word. Join our team. Whatever is possible for you.
We are online!!! Yeah!!
Hello everyone,
Thanks for dropping by. This is a petition web-site for Strawberry Panic 2. It has been 11 years since Strawberry Panic aired in Japan. But even after all those years it is capable of getting new fans every day.
So most of the fans were dissapointed with the ending from Strawberry Panic, including me. I was asking myself: "And now? That was it? What will happen to Tamao and to Nagisa? Will they still remain friends? What about Rijouko and Shizuma? What happens to Shizuma when she graduates and Nagisa is still in St. Miator? So many questions are left unanswered.
And everyone is asking the same: "Will there be a second season?" Unfortunately this hasn't happened until today. I did ask once Madhouse Production - who produced Straberry Panic if there are plans for a second season. But I just got a no for an answer.
Many petitions from various fans around the world were held. But somehow it seems that the one who held this petition forgot about it.
I am here to change that. And I am not alone. I have help from people around the world. And my team, who are a tremendous help for me. I will collect as many signs as I can get than I will send it to Madhouse. Also if you want to write a letter or have a Video from yourself and telling the producers why you want a Second season and what Strawberry Panic did to you than just send it along to me or to my helpers. And we will get this also to the Producers.
So just hang on for further news.